When are Club Nights?

Club Play is on Sunday evenings from 6pm to 8pm at Waseley School.
Visitors: Please complete the contact form first.

Can I play on a club night as a visitor?

Yes, absolutely! Please register using the form on the Contact Us page.
Visitor play may be restricted during matches, which is why we ask that you complete the registration form first.

Can I come and play if I am a beginner?

As a competitive league club, we are not set up to accommodate beginners and social players at this time.

Can I book a court to play socially with my friends?

No. This is a league club for members only and we rent facilities only for members and vistors to use on club nights.

How much does it cost to play as a visitor?

Visitor fees are £7 per week.
Beyond the 4 week probation period visitors attending club without joining will pay a fee of £10 per week.
Full time annual membership is available (subject to committee approval) after 3 weeks and Adult, Student and Junior rates are available pro-rata.

Do you play with Feather Shuttles?

Yes, we play with Yonex AS30 feather shuttles.

Is there parking on site?

There is plenty of parking on site at Waseley School.

Where are the current match schedules?

Match schedules can be found on the Our Teams page.

Can I get to you via public transport?

Yes, we are 17 minutes from either Kings Norton or Northfield Train station. Or get a number 47 bus. It is often possible to get a lift back to the city centre after closing the session. Click here to get specific route information.