Turves Green Boys School Facilities Closed

TGBS sports hall is closed for community use with no notice.

Regretfully our planned restart for Badminton on the 23rd of May 2021 has been set back until a new playing venue can be found. 

Turves Green school has informed us, without any notice, that they will no longer be letting out the sports facilities for community use. They could have let

 us know at any time (over the last year and half) that this was going to happen, but unfortunately they waited till the week before we were ready to start back to make this announcement.  

This means that the Committee are now scrambling to identify an alternative venue to play on a Sunday evening in the same area. We have identified a few potentials (with availability) but they are struggling to find staff on the Weekend. This may mean that we have to make a temporary location change before we find our final destination.  

Of course this is very disappointing given we have been unable to play for so long and we know you are itching to get back on court, so we hope that it will only impact us for a few more weeks whilst we find and secure a new (possibly temporary) home.